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20 tasks
in February 2020

Here's what you've completed this month:

Sun, Feb 16
Compile Smith & co's final reports for filing
Setup daily email notifier with machine status

Sat, Feb 15
Check up on Catherine on her first week
Finalize prints out for personnel review meeting
Prepare prototype for designer approval
Fix support request on connection loss issue

Fri, Feb 14
Meet with Hanson to finalize proposal

Thu, Feb 13
Print stickers for booth
Read 25 pages of Hard Things About Hard Things

Wed, Feb 12
Update the site copies and logos to reflect new look
Create logo prototypes to send off for approval
Update user diagrams to reflect client request

Tue, Feb 11
Draft up new database design for Fred to look over
Create install scripts

Mon, Feb 10
Setup Doug's machine
Update test database with seed data
Call Whitney to chnge coffee meetup
Setup new project for the boardroom

Sun, Feb 9
Read 25 pages of Hard Things About Hard Things
Compile meeting notes to send out